Purchasing Department

Purchasing Department Mission

The mission of the Town of Trumbull Purchasing Department is to provide superlative service to residents of the Trumbull community by procuring the highest quality and most suitable materials, services and equipment for use by the various Town Departments. The Purchasing Department considers such factors as, delivery, liability, service and lowest overall cost and is accomplished wherever practicable, through competitive bidding. Our Procurement Policy is governed by the Town's Charter (Chapter III, Section 6, G). We treat all qualified and financially sound suppliers on a fair and equitable basis.

The Town's procurement personnel are authorized to act as its agent. Their foremost obligation in the exercise of this responsibility is to function with highest degree of integrity. The Town's Code of Ethics is the employees' guide to ethical behavior in the workplace. It is incorporated herein and in total by reference.

General Information & Guidelines for Suppliers


Any assignment or subcontracting by a bidder, vendor, or contractor for work to be performed, or goods and/or services to be provided, in whole or in part, and any other interest in conjunction with a Town procurement shall not be permitted without the express written consent of the Town of Trumbull.


Bids proposals are to be submitted (original and number of copies specified in bid request) in a sealed envelope and addressed to the Purchasing Agent, Town of Trumbull, 5866 Main Street, Trumbull, CT 06611. Bids shall be submitted in a clear, concise and legible manner to permit proper evaluation of responsive bids. No oral, telephonic, emailed, or faxed proposals shall be considered. Corrections, deletions, or additions to bids may be made by sealed correspondence provided that correspondence is received prior to the designated bid opening day and time. Please be advised that the person signing a formal bid proposal must be authorized by the organization to contractually bind that firm with regard to prices and related contractual obligations for the delivery period requested.

Bids and or proposals are to be submitted at the time specified in the request. Bids submitted after the requested time shall not be opened or considered by the Town of Trumbull.


The Town may make such investigations as necessary and as it deems appropriate to determine the qualifications and fiscal stability of a bidder to perform the specified and required work or to supply and deliver a required product. A bidder may be requested to submit a Statement of Bidder Qualifications. If the Town is not satisfied that the bidder is properly qualified, in any way, the Town reserves the right to reject the bid proposal of that bidder.


No purchase shall be made from nor shall services be secured from any officer or employee of the Town, or from any partnership or corporation in which such officer or employee is a partner or officer, or holds a substantial interest, unless such relationship and the fact that such purchase is contemplated shall be made known in writing to the agency making such purchase, and notice thereof posted, for at least five (5) days before such purchase be made, in the office of the agency making such purchase and in a public place in the Trumbull Town Hall.


All prices quoted shall be Net-Delivered to Destination.


All bidders/suppliers/vendors doing business with the Town of Trumbull agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Town from and against any and all liability for loss, damage or expense which the Town may suffer or for which the Town may be held liable by reason of injury, including death, to any person or damage to any property arising out of or in any manner connected with the operations to be performed under an agreement with the Town, whether or not due in whole or in part of any act, omission or negligence of the Town or any of his representatives or employees.


The Town of Trumbull reserves the right to reject any and all bids and does not bind itself to accept the lowest bid or any proposal. The Town reserves the right to ask for new bids in whole or in part, or to reject any or all bids, or any part thereof, and to waive any requirements, irregularities, technical defects or service therein when it is deemed to be in the best interest of the Town.

If a bid proposal does not meet or better the required specifications, requirements, and scope of work requested on all points that must be outlined in a letter attached to the bid proposal otherwise it will be presumed that the bid as proposed is in accordance with the required specifications.


A bidder shall be held responsible to thoroughly study all specifications related to a Town's Request for Proposal. This may include but not be limited to drawings, statement of work requirements, visitation a site, etc, regarding a formal request for goods or services.

Should a bidder find discrepancies in a specification, or should be in doubt as to their exact meaning, that bidder should notify the Town at once. The Town may then, at its option, issue an addendum of clarification. The Town shall not be responsible for oral instructions, or for misinterpretations of specifications.

The Town reserves the right to issue addenda at any time prior to a bid opening. All such addenda become, upon issuance, an inseparable part of the specifications and a bidder is required to acknowledge and address such addenda in their bid/proposal. Should a bidder fail to acknowledge a specific addenda their bid/proposal the Town reserves the right to reject that bid/proposal.

It is the sole responsibility of bidders to check with the Purchasing Department for any revisions to the original Request for Bid or Proposal.


All purchases made by the Town of Trumbull shall be tax exempt. Any taxes must not be included in bid prices. The Town's state tax exempt number is 0501031-000; the federal tax exempt number is 06-6002110. A Town Tax Exemption Certificate shall be furnished upon request.


All work activities performed for the Town of Trumbull shall be performed and completed in accordance with current Federal, State and Local work regulations. All services performed shall also conform to the latest OSHA standards and/or regulations.

Additional Links

Town of Trumbull Notice – Online Auctions for Vehicles/Equipment /Surplus Items:  The Town of Trumbull will be utilizing an online source on an ongoing basis for the disposal of vehicles/equipment. Interested bidders must register with GovDeals at    http://www.govdeals.com/tumbullct

Contact Information

Purchasing Agent
Kevin Bova
(203) 452-5042

Purchasing Assistant
Jean DaRold
(203) 452-5000 x-7711

Town Hall
5866 Main Street
Trumbull, CT 06611

Purchasing Dept:
(203) 452-5042

Office Hours:

Mon.-Fri. 8:00 AM-5:00 PM