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The Town Clerk’s office is the information center for the Town. Responsibilities of the office include, recording real estate transactions and associated land records including liens and changes in title and mortgages. The custodian of the history of the town of Trumbull, the Town Clerk’s office, as Registrar of Vital Statistics, is charged with preservation and maintenance of birth and death certificates, and marriage licenses. Maps and demographic information of the town are also stored and updated by the office for easy access by residents and professionals in search of those materials.

The Town Clerk’s office, acts as a central repository that posts and stores information for all Town Boards and Commissions as well as listings of Board and Commission members and meeting dates and agendas. Also kept up to date are copies of the Town Charter, Town Code, and Code of Ethics. Copies of lawsuits are also available for perusal. The Town Clerk is also charged with preparing all municipal elections, issuing absentee ballots and accepting election results from the Registrars of Voters.

Elected every two years in odd numbered year municipal elections, the Town Clerk performs duties and has responsibilities determined by Connecticut State Statutes. The Town Clerk, two assistant town clerks and the account clerk each year handle an increasing volume of walk-in and mail-in requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a Freedom of Information Request?

Please click HERE to download request form.  Freedom of Information Requests may be submitted to the Trumbull FOIA Officer:

Suzanne Burr Monaco
Town Hall - 1st Floor
5866 Main St.
Trumbull, CT 06611
Phone: (203) 452-5035

Where do I vote?

Use the CT Secretary of State’s Voter Registration Look-up database to locate your polling location address and Party registration information. Alternatively, voters can find their residence on the Voting District Map and use the district number to identify their voting location on the Polling Place List below:

Voting Districts – Polling Places

District 1 - Hillcrest Middle School - 530 Daniels Farm Road
District 2 - St. Josephs High School - 2320 Huntington Turnpike
District 3 - Madison Middle School - 4630 Madison Avenue
District 4 - Middlebrook Elementary School - 220 Middlebrook Avenue

Contact the Trumbull Elections Administration Office at 203-452-5058 or 203-452-5059 if you have any additional questions regarding your Voting District.

How do I obtain an absentee ballot?
Click HERE to download an absentee ballot application. Complete the application and bring or mail to the Town Clerks office.  Click to view the Town Clerk's "Everything You Need to Know About Absentee Ballots Presentation". 

How do I arrange to get a pickup of large items?
Call the Highway Department at (203) 452-5070 or 5071

Where do I obtain a Parks sticker for my car?

Visit the Recreation Department, call (203) 452-5060, or go there with your car registration. New residents who have moved within Connecticut may also change the address on their Driver's License and Registration there.

What are the fees for recordings?

As of  December 1, 2017, the charges to record a land record document are as follows:

  • The fee to record a document on the land records is $60.00 for the first
  • The $5.00 for each additional page and the $2.00 fee for conveyances
    over $2,000 remain the same.
  • The Fee for filing a Foreclosed Property Registrations is $60.00
  • Nominee (MERS) fees have not changed and will remain at the flat fee of $159.00 for Releases and Assignments (when Nominee is the Releasor/Grantor), and $159.00 plus $5.00 for each additional page for other Nominee (MERS) recordings.

Any document received for recording on December 1st is charged the new fee even if it was mailed and postmarked earlier. The statutes do not allow for an exception to the recording fee and all documents recorded in the month of December 2017 will be subject to the new fee and the revised allocation of funds.

To whom do I speak to get permission to put up a fence?
Start with the Building Department (203) 452-5020.

Where do I get a subdivision map of my property?
Filed in Town Clerk's office if one exists. Plot plans are not always available. There might be a plot plan in Building if there have been major additions/decks.

Do I need a permit to have a tag sale?
Check with the Zoning Enforcement Officer, (203) 452-5052.

Who do I call if my mailbox gets hit in the winter?
Contact Public Works, (203) 452-5045

When will my leaves be picked up by the town?
Contact Public Works, (203) 452-5045

Hazardous Waste Information?
Public Works, (203) 452-5045

Where do I go to get a stop sign on my street?
Police Department, (203) 261-3665

Where do I go to get a streetlight fixed, or put onto my street?
Contact Public Works, (203) 452-5045

What do I need to obtain a marriage license?
Please call prior to coming into the office to set up an appointment with our staff, and bring in the completed Marriage License Worksheet.

Marriage licenses are issued through the Town Clerk's office, any day the office is open up to ½ hour before closing time.  All Brides and Grooms must appear together by 4:00 PM to be sworn for their license.  Payment is by cash or check only, no credit cards.  Identification must be provided with CURRENT address to be used on the license.

If you are under 16 years of age, consent is needed from the Judge of Probate. 

If you are under 18, parental or guardian consent is needed.

Please bring your current driver's license with you, or a passport and your filled in Marriage License Worksheet.  Cost is $50.00 for the license, and $20.00 for the certified copy.

Please FAX your  Marriage License Worksheet to the Town Clerk’s Office (203-452-5094), and be SURE to complete the bottom of the form with the following information: who is performing the wedding, where it is to be held, the date, and a contact number for either the bride or groom during working hours. Also, you MUST get your license from the town in which the ceremony is to be performed.

What is the conveyance tax in Trumbull?
The conveyance tax is .25% of the purchase price of the property.

How do I register a business out of my home?
Please click HERE for Instructions on Filing a Business Trade Name.

Come to the Town Clerk's office, get a Trade Name Application, fill it out; bring it to the Zoning Enforcement officer in the Planning and Zoning office for approval. When that is done, bring it back to the Town Clerk's office for registration. Cost is $13.00.

How do I obtain a copy of my child's birth certificate?
Per State Statute copies of birth certificates are restricted to certain individuals: person who is subject of birth certificate, parent, grandparent, grandchildren or guardian, if minor; spouse or children if over 18.

If you lived in Trumbull when your child was born, it is filed in the Town Clerk's office. You need to come in, fill out the paperwork or bring this Birth Certificate Copy Request Form already completed, and have a valid driver's license. If photo identification is unavailable, originals or photocopies of 2 of the following documents may be substituted:

1. Social Security Card
2. written verification of identity from employer
3. automobile registration
4. copy of utility bill showing name and address
5. checking account deposit slip stating name and address.

Full size or wallet size are available.

Cost is $15.00 for wallet size
Cost is $20.00 for full size.

How do I apply for a dog license? How do I renew my dog's license?
Come to the Town Clerk's office, and complete or bring with you already completed this Dog License Application

Present a current rabies certificate.

Proof of spaying or neutering must be presented.

Pet information needed: name, address, phone, owners name, type of dog.

Dog licenses need to be renewed every June.

Yearly fee is $8.00 for an altered dog, or $19.00 for an unaltered dog.

Late renewal charge is $1.00 per month.

How do I obtain a copy of a marriage or death certificate?
Request can be made in person or by mail. Download the Marriage Certificate Copy Request Form, and the Death Certificate Copy Request Form here.

Name and date of occurrence is needed.

Fee is $20.00 for one certified copy.

How do I become a Notary Public?
Applications and Study Manuals for becoming a Notary Public are available in the Town Clerk's office.  The fee for Notary renewal is $20.

Where can I obtain working papers?
Working papers are issued from Trumbull High School's Main office throughout the year. In order to be eligible for working papers, you must meet the following requirements:

1. You must be 16 years old and show proof of age. This proof must be shown on a legal document such as a birth certificate, driver’s license, or passport.
2. You must also have a “Promise of Employment” which is a statement from your future employer stating what type of position you are going to have (cashier, stock clerk, etc.). Blank forms are in the office for you to bring to your prospective employer.


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