Central Emergency Dispatch Commission

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The Central Emergency Dispatch Commission (CEDC) shall share responsibility with the Police Commission for Trumbull's emergency dispatch program as described herein. The Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), located in the Police Communications room shall be designated as the primary PSAP and shall be managed and controlled by the Police Commission. The CEDC PSAP, located in the police building, shall be designated as the secondary PSAP and shall be managed, and controlled by the CEDC. All 911 calls shall be answered by the primary PSAP, simultaneously monitored by the secondary PSAP and accepted by the appropriate dispatch service. The CEDC and the Police Commission shall establish all procedures for processing 911 calls. The CEDC shall manage, supervise and control fire and EMS dispatchers and equipment. The Police Commission shall manage, supervise and control police dispatchers and equipment. Nothing herein shall be deemed to limit the ability of the Trumbull Regional Dispatch Center, Inc. to hire or terminate its employees.


  • Kevin Mulligan, Chairman
  • Glenn Byrnes, Deputy Chief of Police
  • Barbara Crandall, Director TEMS
  • Michael DelVecchio, Director of Operations TEMS
  • Dave Bogen, CEDC Commission Member/LH Fire and District Representative
  • Douglas Doyle, CEDC Commission Member/Nichols Fire District Member
  • John Slezak, CEDC Commission Member
  • Alex Rauso, Fire Marshal’s Office

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