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Trumbull Counseling Center
121 Old Mine Road
Trumbull , CT 06611
(203) 261-5110
(203) 452-5193

Trumbull Counseling Center is a department of the Town of Trumbull dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Trumbull by providing family counseling for Trumbull residents and their families. The Counseling Center is staffed by two Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. Typical counseling goals include family interventions to address childhood attention deficit and behavior issues, parent-child conflicts, adolescent concerns, juvenile court referrals, domestic violence, divorce issues, and individual or family psychotherapy.
When working with children, staff counselors strive to develop a team approach to treatment, coordinating the services of parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and doctors, as needed. Confidentiality is strictly enforced according to the wishes of clients or parents. The team approach is by the client’s permission only, and not required. Services can also be coordinated with outpatient hospital aftercare.
Counseling staff is available to community groups as guest speakers and for crisis counseling. Community service information and referral advice is available by phone.
Counseling services can be arranged simply by calling for an appointment. Modest fees are based on each family’s ability to pay. There is no charge for the first appointment.

The Trumbull Counseling Center also offers:

Kids on the Hill Social Skills Group
The Kids on the Hill group is designed to accommodate children who need attention and direction in adjusting to social situations and activities with peers. Activities will include some basic hiking on park trails with a focus on a buddy system and helping each other. Other activities will be chosen from a repertoire of team building games and developmentally appropriate group challenges in the “low ropes” tradition. The group is not limited to special needs children. All children in fourth through sixth grade who want to make friends and have fun are welcome to join and create a social peer group.

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Wildflower Adventure Group
121 Old Mine Road
Trumbull , Ct. 06611
(203) 261-5110
(203) 452-5193

The Wildflower Adventure Group was started in 1997 as a positive youth prevention program for High School age girls. The program consists of a wide variety of challenging outdoor activities designed to increase self-esteem and leadership ability. There are combinations of after-school, all day and overnight activities. The program runs year round, but most of the activities take place during the summer. The participants meet and plan all of the events. A sampling of activities including kayaking, horseback riding, sailing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, canoeing, deep-sea fishing, rock climbing and whatever else the girls come up with. The program is open to all girls from eighth grade throughout High School. There is no charge for participation. Funding is provided by a positive youth development grant from the State Department of Education. To find out about eligibility for the next adventure contact Robin Bieber at Trumbull Counseling Center.

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The Pastoral Counseling Center of Trumbull
Trinity Episcopal Church
1734 Huntington Turnpike
Trumbull , CT 06611

The Center offers a partnership with individuals and/or families in understanding and resolving life and relational issues. A confidential, safe space is provided for examining, reflecting upon, and working through feelings and difficulties. Our counselors undergo intensive post-masters training that include personal psychotherapy to explore their own life stories; four years of course work focused on skills for healing and growth, and supervised work with clients to integrate academic learning with insight and self-awareness.

“Standards of ethical practice as established by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors are adhered to by the staff of the Pastoral Counseling Center of Trumbull.”

This Center was founded by the Trumbull Interfaith Committee, which remains committed to making quality counseling available to the entire community. Youth are encouraged to make their own appointments. Our current site director has seventeen years of experience working with children, adolescents and their families. While we are prepared to deal with spiritual as well as psychological issues, religion enters the counseling process only at the client’s initiative.

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Trumbull Parent Transition Network

This group of Trumbull parents evolved as a result of a state grant venture between the University of Connecticut – A.J. Pappanikou Center on Special Education & Rehabilitation. Residents in the community have joined to form a partnership to advocate for needed services and increased awareness/support for students with limitations. The primary focus of this network is the student entering the transition stage, age 15, of his educational career. However, the network encourages all parents who have a child with an exceptionality to look futuristically, as the services and supports their child might require, will need to be planned for and perhaps developed. In cooperation with the Trumbull Public School System the network seeks to expand existing opportunities for Trumbull students with exceptionalities as well as open new prospects in the community. Contact Trumbull Public Schools - Pupil Personnel & Special Services 452-4352, Dr. A. Minotti.

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Regional Youth/Adult Substance Abuse Project
2470 Fairfield Avenue
Bridgeport , CT 06605-2647
Fax 203-333-9118

RYASAP is a youth and community development coalition whose mission is to build healthy and safe communities free of the harm caused by substance abuse, crime and violence. Programs include youth development training institute, Safe Neighborhoods Americorps program, Public Allies young adult leadership development program, Block By Block neighborhood grants program, local community prevention council development and support, Youth Leadership Greater Bridgeport, Youth As Resources, GAMES teen gambling prevention program, SMOKEFREE smoking cessation program, juvenile justice advocacy and several community and individual recognition programs.

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25 Van Zant Street, Suite 15-5
East Norwalk , CT 06855-1719
Fax: (203)866-6108

Connecticut Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities(CACLD) is a non-profit organization that provides information, referral, support groups, newsletters, conferences, seminars and public meetings for parents, professionals and adults with learning disabilities and attention deficits. CACLD’s Help Line offers information and referral services. CACLD’s LD/ADD Resource Center offers a bookstore, videos, free materials and one-on-one consultations. Email:

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Connecticut Self Help
The Consultation Center
389 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511.
(203) 624-6982

 The Connecticut Self help Support Network was organized in 1981 with the primary goal of promoting and coordinating self help activities across the state. Network services include:

- Technical Assistance in the formation and development of new groups.
- Group Leadership Training.
- The Connecticut Directory of Self Help Support Groups.
- “CONNECTIONS”- The newsletter of the Network, published three times a year.
- Educational workshops and conferences held yearly.

For more information please call us.

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The First Selectman’s Prevention Council
Peg Perillie - Chair 

Local Prevention Councils were established in 1987 by the Governor of Connecticut to foster the continued development of local municipal-based activities focused on the prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use- with the support and involvement of the First Selectman.

We support and promote our vision of Trumbull- a town where families and the public sector join together to create a healthy, caring community for people of all ages and cultures, but in which young people in particular will thrive. Every resident and institution in the community-including town government, schools and faculties, congregations, businesses, and others-need to model and articulate values and boundaries and to examine how they can give young people the relationships, guidance, and opportunities they need to become healthy, independent, contributing members of society.

Meetings are held monthly, and we welcome your participation. If you would like more information call Peg Perillie at 377-1474.

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