Frequently Asked Questions

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Alarm Ordinance

Q. What do I need to know about the town’s Alarm Abatement ordinance and the fines associated with it?

A. Information on the Alarm ordinance can be found on the Records Division page

Firearms and Assault Weapon Ban FAQs

Q.  Where can I find information regarding firearms and the assault weapon ban?

 A. Click here for information on the new Public Act 13-3: An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety, effective April 4, 2013.

Parking Violation FAQ's

Q. I received a Parking Violation, can I contest it?

A. Yes. A request for a Waiver application for a Parking Violation must be made within the 14-day timeframe for payment of violation. Waiver Applications are available at the Trumbull Police Department. You may also download a Waiver Application form by clicking here. A request for a Waiver Application does not automatically waive the violation. Any requests made after the 14-day timeframe is denied.

Q. I am a Trumbull resident, yet I received a Parking Ticket for parking in the Town parks. Why?

A. While entrance to all Trumbull Parks is open to the public, parking within the parks requires a Vehicle Parking Permit year round. In accordance with the Parks and Recreation Commission regulations, Vehicle Parking Permits shall be issued to Trumbull Town residents at no cost. Vehicle registration will serve as proof of residency. Trumbull residents and/or taxpayers who own vehicles paying taxes to a town other than Trumbull are considered Non-Residents. Non-Resident Parking Permits may be purchased for a fee of $112. Vehicle parking permits are stickers affixed to vehicles and are also often referred to as parking stickers or park stickers.  Vehicles without current parking permits are subject to a $25 violation.

Q. I forgot to display my Handicap Permit. What can I do?

A. Present your valid Handicap Permit, along with a completed waiver application, at the Trumbull Police Department within 48 hours of receipt of Parking Violation to have your ticket voided. Waiver applications may be obtained at the Trumbull Police Department or by clicking here. However, any future violations of this nature will not be voided.

Q. What procedure do I follow to have a Stop Sign installed in my neighborhood?

A. Submit a letter to the Trumbull Police Traffic Division, 158 Edison Rd, Trumbull, CT outlining your concerns along with the location for the sign. The Traffic Division will review your request and an on-site inspection will be conducted. Upon the recommendation of the Traffic officers, the request will be referred to the Police Commission for the final approval. Residents should be aware that all traffic control signs and signals must meet standardized traffic control regulations.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Q. Should I call the police if I'm involved in a Motor-Vehicle Accident?

A. By law, you are obligated to report any motor vehicle accident that has occurred on a public highway and a injury or damage to a vehicle has occurred. When in doubt, contact the local police department or state police troop that have jurisdiction where the accident occurred.


Q. I need to get fingerprinted for my job. What do I need to do? 
A. Fingerprinting is done by Detective Bureau personnel and must be scheduled in advance. For details, refer to the Detective Division page.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

Q. I have information on suspicious activity in my neighborhood but don't want anyone to know that I am the one that called. What should I do?

A. One goal of the police department is to make your neighborhood safe and enjoyable for you and your family. Therefore, we encourage you to call us with your concerns at our main number, 203-261-3665, and ask for the Detective Bureau. Detectives will investigate all reports, keep all information confidential, and you will not be mentioned in any reports. However, all complaints need to be corroborated and you may be asked for your name in the event the detective needs to contact you for additional information or to update the results of your concern.

Consumer Protection

Q. I hired a Home Improvement contractor who started work at my home but never finished. What can I do? 

A. You can contact the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection at 1-860-713-6110. You can also contact the Trumbull Police Department at 203-261-3665. Please have all paperwork associated with the home improvement available. 

If you do not have a written contract with a '3 day right of cancellation' on the contract or the contractor is not licensed, you may be the victim of a home improvement fraud. 
If the contractor is licensed with the State and you have a valid contract, this may be a civil matter and not criminal. We will be more than willing to review the paperwork and guide you in the proper course of action.

Internet Fraud

Q. I believe that I am the victim of Internet Fraud. What can I do? 

A. You can call the police department at 203-261-3665. Although the Trumbull Police Department cannot investigate complaints outside our jurisdiction, we can help you file your complaint with the proper agency.

Complaint Against Officers 

Q. How can I submit a complaint about a police officer?

A. Anyone can make a complaint regarding police department personnel, by either: 
1. Calling the police department to speak to a supervisor, (203) 261-3665, and press 1 for an operator; 
2. Going to police headquarters to speak with a supervisor; 
3. Submitting a written complaint on a standard Citizen Complaint form.