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Trumbull Health Dept ImageThe Trumbull Health Department (THD) serves as the official local public health entity for the Trumbull, Connecticut community. THD is committed to improving the quality of life for all it serves through the promotion of health, prevention of disease, and by assuring a safe and clean environment for our residents. Explore our site to find the most up-to-date information regarding health alerts, programs and services, local regulations, fees, applications and more.

The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) created a short film about the vital and heroic role of public health.

The THD's overall role is to protect and promote the public's health through people, prevention and partnerships.  As a local health agency, our responsibilities include the enforcement of the Connecticut Public Health Code and mandated services as prescribed byCGS Section 368e (municipal).

  • Local health agency ordinances and regulations may be more stringent than the State’s mandates, however they cannot be less stringent or in conflict with state regulations and statutes.
  • Town charters and local board of health by-laws may include for provisions of services that exceed the basic public health program.
  • Local health agencies have the legal authority to levy fines and penalties for public health code violations, and to grant and rescind license permits (such as for food services establishments or septic systems) and to establish fees for their services.

     Trumbull Health Board: Members,
    Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Documents

    Eastern Equine Encephalitis

    THD Encourages Residents to Take Precautions against Mosquitoes EEE Identified in Some Connecticut Towns ... Read more.

    Lyme Disease

    Tick Removal from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention
    Fact Sheet from the Connecticut Department of Public Health
    Tick Encounter Resource Center Tick Identification Chart 
    "Ticks: It's More Than Just Lyme Disease” Video 

    Having a Tick Tested for Lyme Disease: The Health Department accepts ticks at our office, which we send for testing to the State of Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. They will test the tick to see if it carries the spirochetes that cause Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, and Babesiosis. Please note: The CT Agricultural Experiment Station only tests engorged deer ticks. 

    Ticks should be brought in alive (if possible) in a zip lock bag or sealed containers (not in Vaseline, oil or other substances) to the Health Department Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.  There is a $3.00 fee.

    Trumbull Treks - Trumbull Trail Route Maps

    Walking, hiking and biking are great, low-cost ways to get active! In an effort to encourage residents, employees, and visitors to be more physically active, the Trumbull Health Department created a set of route maps, Trumbull Treks, for the Trumbull community. With help from the Trumbull Parks and Recreation and Engineering Departments, the Health Department mapped out trails in our beautiful parks. Find a route you would like to explore and get moving today! Stay tuned for additional route maps in the coming months!

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    Trumbull Residential Route Maps Trumbull’s residential walking routes are located near municipal buildings and in residential areas, making it easy to walk from home or work, and most routes have accessible parking areas for those who wish to park their car near a walking route. All maps feature a detailed route map and turn-by-turn directions, and can easily be printed out or accessed on a mobile device on-the-go. Find a route you would like to explore and start walking today.

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    Suggested Walking and Physical Activity Resources

    The Trumbull Health Department is offering FREE Hepatitis C screening to residents. The test is confidential and results are available in 20 minutes. People most at risk are those born between 1945 and 1965 (baby boomers); people who have had tattoos, body art or piercings; recipients of blood transfusions, blood products or organ transplants; people who used needles or straws used for recreational drugs; Vietnam veterans, health care workers, dialysis patients, babies of Hepatitis C infected mothers, and people co-infected with HIV. Residents are encouraged to call the Health Department at 203-452-1030 to schedule an appointment with the Public Health Nurse.


    Because the regulations to implement the FDA Food Code are still in the regulation review process, it is not possible that they will be approved by January 1, 2019. Therefore, on January 1, 2019, the current food regulations: 19-13-B42; 19-13-B40; 19-13-B48; and 19-13-B49 will still be in effect and enforceable by local certified food inspectors. The FDA Food Code will not automatically become effective on January 1, 2019. It is not possible to predict the date the draft regulations to implement the FDA Food Code will become approved due to the various steps and required approvals that are part of the regulatory review process.



    CT Changing Food Code – What does it mean to me?

    Connecticut Public Health Code Update: Adopting the FDA Model Food Code and What it Means to Food Establishments

    Food Code 2017


    Trumbull Health Department
    335 White Plains Road
    Trumbull, CT 06611

    Office hours: 
    Mondays – Fridays:
    8:00am – 4:30pm
    Closed for Legal Holidays

    Health Department
    Phone: (203) 452-1030
    Fax: (203) 452-1050

    After Hours Public Health Emergencies
    (203) 261-3665

    Health Director
    Lucienne Bango, MPH, REHS, RS
    (203) 452-1032

    Nursing/Community Health
    Samantha Cousins, RN
    (203) 452-1035

    Health Inspector
    Shaquaisha Andrews
    (203) 452-1033
    In-Office Hours:
    8:30-9:30 am & 3:30-4:30 pm

    Health Educator
    Susan Jacozzi
    (203) 452-1031

    Administrative Assistant 
    Joanna DiPalma
    (203) 452-1030