Here 2 Help

Here to Help is a coalition of local Trumbull resources whose objectives are to promote healing among suicide loss survivors. We bring together an extended community of people who are poised to support those touched by suicide. By definition, we refer to these individuals as Suicide Loss Survivors, which are anyone who knows or identifies with someone who dies by suicide. Our primary purpose is to organize and increase awareness and support for those suffering from the effects of a loved one's suicide.

Many suicide loss survivors experience intense and conflicting emotional states as they cope with their loss. If you or someone you know has been impacted by this unique loss, Trumbull is Here To Help. 

We are available to provide active support as soon as possible following a death by suicide. We have experienced providers who can help promote recovery and healing. We know how important it is to form a safe and stable foundation for healthy grieving. Our team can put you in touch with the most appropriate resource such as grief counseling, support groups, peer mentoring and more. We want to provide access to support resources through direct & indirect communication with those who are suffering.

We understand and can address issues specific to suicide to promote healing and minimize risk to you and your loved ones. We will assist survivors in taking action to facilitate and support healthy grieving. We will assist survivors in finding ways to experience posttraumatic growth .

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Any of these individuals may be touched by suicide loss:

  • Family Members
  • Therapists / Healthcare Workers
  • School Communities / Classmates
  • Workplace Acquaintances / Work Colleagues
  • Close Work Colleagues
  • Friends / Close Friends
  • First Responders / anyone who discovers the deceased
  • Team Members
  • Neighbors
  • Community Members / Rural or Close Knit Community Groups