Make a Donation

We appreciate your interest in making a donation to the library!  

The Trumbull Library System relies on a mix of municipal and private funds in order to operate.  We use donations to pay for programs, buy furniture and add material to our collections.  

If the donation is in memory or in tribute of an individual, a letter of acknowledgement will be sent to them or their family.  Additionally, materials purchased using those funds have an individualized plaque inside honoring that person.

Please note, while we appreciate all donations, we ask that you consider making your donations unrestricted (ie. "where the need is greatest").  Due to collections needs and the publishing calendar it can be very difficult to fulfill unique requests.

In order to make sure your intent is known, please print out the following form, fill it out and mail it in which your donation:

Donation Form (PDF)

For more information regarding the Trumbull Library System’s Donation Policy:

Gifts and Donations Policy (PDF)