MSW Internship Program

Trumbull Library’s Masters of Social Work Internship program is in partnership with Sacred Heart University. 

Our goal is to ensure we are meeting the mental health needs of our community by removing stigma and barriers to access vital services in multiple ways, and to continually foster a sense of community by working to support community members. The MSW intern is in their second year and working to complete their hours in Direct Community Practice.

If you are feeling….

  • Anxious
  • Depressed
  • Mad, angry, bewildered
  • Uncertain about the future
  • Wary from quarantine and the pandemic

If you have questions about….

  • What to do when your income suddenly changes?
  • How to access social services for the first time?

If you just have questions but you’re not sure who/what to ask…

Complete this form to connect with our current MSW Intern, Jennette.