About the Department

The Economic and Community Development Department is charged with managing the economic and community development process and activities of the Town. The Economic and Community Development Director, appointed by the First Selectman is responsible for overseeing the Planning & Zoning Department, Building Department, and the Fire Marshal's Office. The Director also reports to the Economic and Community Development Commission, as well as other land use and regulatory agencies as directed by the First Selectman.

Trumbull Working for You (JPG)

The mission of the department is to:

  • Promote any and all investment in Trumbull that is consistent with the Town's Plan of Conservation and Development;
  • Improve and protect Trumbull's economic well-being;
  • Create economic opportunity and convenience for residents;
  • Preserve the Town's excellent quality of life;
  • Grow the Town's Grand List each and every year

The activities of the Office include:

  • Assisting Trumbull businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Facilitating the relocation of out-of-town businesses to Trumbull.
  • Facilitating development activities.
  • Promoting community programs, projects, initiatives and assets that make Trumbull a desirable place to live and work.
  • Seeking and managing grant funds to support Town projects.