Hillcrest Pool Updates


Following the initial TLBA Hillcrest Pool report from September 2021, the team is now evaluating the entire swimming pool, pool decks, building envelope, systems and assemblies throughout the natatorium. Additional static testing is to be conducted followed by draining the entire pool. Once the pool is emptied, a camera inspection will be conducted of the pool piping. Then architectural and structural testing and inspections of the natatorium, mechanical system, electrical system, and plumbing system will be conducted. 

Once the final phase of evaluations is completed, conceptual plans will be drafted to determine renovation options. 

Dmitri Paris, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation


 The Town has received the assessment and condition report from our consultants TLB Architecture and are in the process of evaluating the observations and establishing an action plan outlining the efforts necessary to repair all critical and interdependent systems of the pool.

Currently, our first action is evaluating the condition of the Main Drain. A diver will observe and conduct a camera assessment of the existing drain to both verify its size and integrity. If it is determined to be sound, it will allow the project to proceed without having to consider much more intensive efforts or alternative options considered in the final scope of work.

Our next update will be after we receive this evaluation.

Dmitri Paris, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation