Can a resident oppose the removal of a tree under the Enhanced Tree Trimming (ETT) Program?

There are certain safety circumstances that the law allows the electric company to trim or remove a tree without notifying the property owner, with the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) making the final decision in most cases.

If the ETT assessment recommends that a tree be removed, the property owner has the right to object and is under no obligation to sign off on the removal recommendation. The property owner may request that a tree only be pruned if  said pruning will satisfy the maintenance and safety requirements of the utility provider.

  • Trees that are decayed, insect-infested, damaged or structurally weak may be removed without notifying the property owner.
  • Small trees and saplings that are capable of growing into the conductors are normally removed before they grow tall enough to interfere with the lines.
  • Limbs are pruned using a tree-care industry technique known as target pruning. Each limb is pruned back to a point where it meets the branch collar so that the pruning cut will callous over and prevent decay of the pruning wound.

If there are any concerns or questions regarding this program please contact the Tree Warden.

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