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  1. Instructions

    Thank you for you interest in joining the Friends of the Trumbull Library!  Please fill out this form.  It will be automatically delivered to a contact person who will review and respond to your request.  Please allow for a few days for a response.

  2. Membership Level

    As a requisite for membership in the Friends of the Trumbull Library we have annual dues of at least $10.   At this time, memberships can be paid for in cash or check at any of our Board meetings or member events, in person at the Trumbull Library circulation desk or mailed to: 

    • Friends of the Trumbull Library
    • c/o Trumbull Library
    • 33 Quality Street
    • Trumbull, CT 06611.

    Please make checks payable to "Friends of the Trumbull Library."  

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