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Presenter Proposal Form

  1. Presenter Proposal Form
    Do you have a program you would like to pitch to us? Please fill out the form below and your information will be sent to the correct staff members. Thank you!
  2. Target Audience of Program*
  3. Length of Program
  4. Would you be willing to offer this program for free?
  5. Have you preformed at the Trumbull Library or the Fairchild-Nichols Memorial Branch Library before?
  6. By marking below, I acknowledge that I understand and agree to the following, if this application is accepted: *
    * I have qualifications (education, degree, experience, etc) that allow me to present this program. * I will not solicit directly to individual libraries, librarians, or participants. * I will not sell merchandise or services at any of the programs without the library's express consent. * I will provide my own equipment or supplies for my program. * Even if my program is approved, there is no guarantee of booking. * I may be interviewed and/or required to demonstrate the program.
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