Youth Leagues, Clinics, and Camps


Camp will begin on Monday, June 20th and will run in two-week long sessions for 8 weeks.  Camps will be held at Daniels Farm School and Tashua Elementary School. Junior Camp will be held at Frenchtown Elementary School. 

Online registration begins on Monday, April 11th at 10am. Please call 203-452-5060 for assistance.


During the school year we offer basketball leagues for Trumbull youth in grades K-12.  Leagues start in late fall and run through the spring and meet in various school gyms in Trumbull.  During the summer we have an evening boys basketball that meets at the Tashua Knolls outdoor basketball courts.

2021 Safe Return to In-Person Indoor Play

Trumbull Parks & Recreation is committed to the safety of our participants and staff (volunteer or paid). As such we will follow all of the mitigation strategies outlined below. We recognize that the prevalence of COVID in our community should be a significant factor when determining the department’s response.


Mitigation Strategy

Trumbull Parks & Recreation Response

Universal and correct wearing of masks

All participants and staff (volunteer or paid) will be required to follow all State and/or Federal laws/mandates as they pertain to masks. As these laws/mandates are updated, the department will align with the updates. Trumbull Parks & Recreation reserves the right to develop more stringent requirements if necessary based on COVID cases, infection rates, and spread in our programs. Trumbull Parks & Recreation requires that all participants and staff (volunteer or paid) wear properly fitting masks regardless of their vaccination status while indoors. Participants and staff (volunteer or paid) are not expected to wear masks while outside. No mask exemption requests will be made.

Physical Distancing

We will maximize the distance between players and staff (volunteer or paid), as possible, while allowing staff (volunteer or paid) to use instructional strategies that maximize learning. Only participants and staff (volunteer or paid) will be allowed entry into facilities, no spectators will be permitted. Participants on the sideline will be spaced six feet apart, but may have close physical contact during court time.  

Handwashing and respiratory etiquette

Staff (volunteer or paid) will remind/train participants on proper handwashing and respiratory etiquette. Hand sanitizer will be readily available to all participants and staff (volunteer or paid). Participants will be directed to wash their hands throughout the activity, especially before and after practice/games.

Contact Tracing in combination with isolation and quarantine

Refunds will not be issued should a participant need to quarantine and/or the remainder of the season be canceled. Trumbull Parks & Recreation will follow all required State and Federal mandates around contact tracing and quarantining. Team rosters will be used to identify players who are recognized as close contacts (less than 3ft and 15 minutes), who will be quarantined.  Participants required to quarantine will receive a notice indicating the requirements from Trumbull Parks & Recreation.



Trumbull Parks and Rec offers a variety of single and multi-day clinics at various times throughout the year.  Clinics include sports such as tennis, pickleball, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse and multi-sport.