Trumbull Cadets

The intent of this public safety program is to educate the youth in all aspects of public service and to interest them in possible careers in law enforcement, emergency medical services or fire services. The education aspect provides knowledge of law enforcement function, first aid and fire safety. The Cadet Program also provides helpful services to the community through special events and volunteer opportunities.

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The Trumbull Cadets operates on a youth basis. Cadet ranking members will plan and invite guest speakers for areas of interest as well as plan trips and activities. As a cadet’s leadership skills mature, they might have the opportunity to utilize those skills through promotion within the post. Promotion is done on a yearly basis and will consist of an interview process to help prepare cadets for future experiences. 

The Trumbull Cadet Post is open to youth ages 14-21 and is run on a modified "para" military basis having structure, discipline and punctuality. We also encourage and endorse physical activity.