Elections Administration (Registrar of Voters)

The Registrar’s of Voters are elected officials whose duties are governed by State statute and by processes and procedures set in place by the CT Secretary of the State.  In general, these duties are to register voters and conduct elections in the Town.  

Principal programs, services and activities:

  • Registers voters, conducts voter registration sessions and maintains all voter registration documents and lists.
  • Removes all electors who have moved from Trumbull, have died or are disenfranchised.
  • Conducts annual canvas of voters to ascertain residency. 
  • Conducts elections.
  • Appoints and trains poll workers.
  • Supervises all poll workers on the day of each election, primary, referendum and election recount and audit.
  • Declares polling place locations.
  • Assures timely filing of all required election documentation with the Town and or State.
  • Attends and participates in semi-annual training sessions and achieves certification status.