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The original item was published from 1/14/2022 10:04:00 AM to 1/15/2022 8:33:42 AM.

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Posted on: January 13, 2022

[ARCHIVED] Trumbull 2021 Revaluation

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: There has been a revision to the informal hearing dates scheduled. The new informal hearing dates will be held on the weeks of January 17 and January 24, 2022. Please contact Municipal  Valuation services for further questions regarding scheduling at (203) 292- 5500.

The Town of Trumbull is currently conducting the State of Connecticut’s mandated revaluation process. The Town hired Municipal Valuations Services, LLC (Munival) of Fairfield, CT to assist the Town with the revaluation. As part of this process, Munival mailed each household a data verification letter in July 2021 containing specific information to your household. Residents were asked to review the form and return it back to Munival for review. This information was used to help determine property values. Please refer to the information below for more information about revaluation.

Q. Why is Trumbull undertaking a revaluation now?

A. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 12-62 of the State of Connecticut General Statutes and Connecticut Public Act 09-60, legislation requires that Trumbull conducts a revaluation for the October 1, 2021 Grand List. 

Q. What is a revaluation? 
A Revaluation is the process of conducting a Market Analysis necessary to equalize the values of all properties within a municipality for the purpose of a fair distribution of the tax burden. All residential, commercial, apartments, industrial, vacant land, churches, school buildings and all other real estate will be revalued. The purpose of revaluation is to correct assessment inequities that have developed since the implementation of a previous (2015) revaluation, ensuring an equitable distribution of the property tax burden among taxpayers.  

Q. When will the revaluation take effect? 
The revaluation will be effective as of the October 1, 2021 Grand List. Tax bills issued in July 2022 will be based upon the new October 1, 2021 assessments.

Q. How will the Town revalue all property?

A. The Town has contracted with Municipal Valuation Services, Inc., to assist with the revaluation. Representatives of Municipal Valuation Services, Inc. (MVS) will also meet with the public to answer questions about the methods utilized and the resulting assessments. 

Q. How will property owners be notified of the new assessment? 

A. Each property owner should receive an individual notice of the new assessment by mid January 2022.

NOTE: Exemptions (including senior benefits, veterans, disabled, etc.) are not reflected in your revaluation notice.  

Q: How do I determine what my property has been appraised at (market value estimate)?

A: Take the October 1, 2021 assessed value notice, and divide by .70 to determine the appraised value of your property per the revaluation.

Example: $70,000 (October 1, 2021 assessment) ÷ .70 = $100,000 (Market Value appraisal as of October 1, 2021) 

Q. What should I do if I disagree with my new assessment/market value estimate? 

A. If you feel that your estimated Market Value is incorrect, follow the instructions on your notice on how to schedule an appointment with MVS. You must receive a notice prior to scheduling an appointment, as there is information contained in the notice that will be required.

NOTE: Do not call or visit the Assessor’s office as appointments can only be made directly with MVS. 

Q. Is there a way to determine the accuracy of my assessment?

A. Yes. You may review the data that it was based on by going online at At the top click on highlighted “Taxpayer Information”, click on “Online Database”, click on “Connecticut”, then click on “Trumbull” and “Enter online database”. You will be able to search by address to locate your property and review the information that your new assessment was based on.  You can also click on this link: You may wish to compare your assessment with the assessment of similar homes in your neighborhood and throughout the Town. Finally, the website also provides a Sales search utility that is easy to navigate and is designed to help you find properties like yours that have sold within the past six months to a year.

Q. How will I know if my assessment is equitable? 

A  There are two good methods of determining this. First, compare your properties to similar properties that sold in the previous year. Your value should be in line with these sales prices. Second, if no recent sales are available, compare your assessment to other similar properties in your area using the Street Listing of Values available in the Assessor’s Office. Your value should be in line with these similar properties. Remember, very few properties are exactly alike. Your value should be comparable, but it seldom will be exactly the same as what seems to be similar property.

Q. How is the tax (mill) rate established?

A. The Grand Levy is the amount of revenue in the Annual Town Budget, which must be raised by the property tax. The remaining balance is received from fees, state and federal assistance and miscellaneous revenue. The Grand List is a listing of all taxable properties located within the Town on October 1, of the grand list year. The property tax rate is expressed in mills or thousandths of a dollar. Example: A tax rate (mill rate) of 35.42 mills (Trumbull’s current mill rate), or .03542 expressed in decimal form, is equivalent to $35.42 of taxes per $1,000 of assessed value. The tax rate is determined by dividing the Grand Levy by the Grand List.   

Q. How and when will my taxes be affected by this revaluation?

A. The revaluation will affect your tax bill. The amount of your new tax bill is calculated by multiplying your new assessment value times the new mill rate. Since the new mill rate will not be established until the budgetary process has been completed, it is not possible to estimate your new tax bill at this time.

Again, please DO NOT use the current Mill rate to try to estimate your new taxes as it is based on the 2020 Grand List period of 10/1/2020 to 9/30/2021. Until a total Grand List including new values of all taxable property classes is completed (real estate, motor vehicles, and personal property AND a new Fiscal Year 2022-2023 budget is formally adopted in late Spring 2022, the tax rate and property taxes cannot be determined.

NOTE: A new mill rate will not be determined until after the Town and School budgets have been finalized and approved by the Board of Finance in late Spring 2022.  

Q. What about Veterans, Elderly, and Totally Disabled Homeowners Programs? 

A. Homeowners who currently qualify will be notified by mail in February 2022, if they are required to reapply. Any Tax Credits or Exemptions eligible to be received, will be deducted at tax billing time. Further questions regarding these tax relief programs should be directed to the Assessor’s office @ 203-452-5016.

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