Pool Safety

Safety Acronym

  • S - Swim and wade only. Never dive, jump or slide into the pool! Serious injuries could result from avoiding this rule.
  • A - Adult supervision is always required! An adult must control the activity of children swimming or playing
  • F - First-time users run the highest risk of injury! Teach the rules of pool safety to all users. Actively direct attention to the "warning" pool sign before allowing them to enter the pool.
  • E - Electricity and water are a fatal mix! Keep all electrical radios, speakers and other appliances away from the swimming pool.
  • T - Teasing, roughhousing and horseplay do not belong in the pool area! Do not allow anyone to climb, sit or stand on the top rails of the pool. Play safe games. Be courteous and careful.
  • Y - You should not permit alcohol or drugs at your pool. Keep anyone who is under the influence away from the pool area.

Educate Others

Share S-A-F-E-T-Y with family and friends. Teach young children the 6 rules of pool safety immediately!

Always think "safety first" and share your wisdom!

  1. S
  2. A
  3. F
  4. E
  5. T
  6. Y

Swim & Wade Only!

Above-ground swimming pools are designed for swimming and wading only. Above-ground pools are shallow. Diving or jumping is prohibited and is product misuse. Do not use slides, diving boards, or any other platform or object which can be used for improper pool entry. Only use an above-ground pool ladder or staircase to enter or exit your pool.

Never attempt to swim or reach behind ladders or any other pool entry system. It is the pool owner's responsibility to secure your pool against unauthorized, unsupervised, or unintentional entry. Remember, pool misuse can result in serious injury and/or be dangerous to life and health. Always obey and enforce safety rules. Above-ground swimming pools are intended to provide many hours of enjoyment.

Sensible use of the product is key to safety. The pool owner must supervise the pool's safe use, operation and maintenance.