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  • Rosalie Anzalone
  • Angela Bulkley
  • Jonathan Bulkley
  • Regina Butler
  • Carla Volpe

Board Overview

The Trumbull Arts Commission presents a series of concerts and cabarets on Sunday afternoon or Friday evenings. The cabarets take place at the Center at 23 Priscilla Place and are for all ages. The programs offer music geared to appeal to a wide variety of patrons. The Commission also sponsors the Kindergarten through 12 Art show at the Westfield Mall in May, in conjunction with the Board of Education and with the cooperation of Westfield Trumbull.

The Commission is involved in promoting the arts in Trumbull as well as being a liaison for disseminating information between the Community and the Arts. The Art Gallery at Town Hall is arranged by the Arts Department.

Trumbull Art Festival

As part of bringing the Arts to Trumbull, the Commission supports the annual Trumbull Arts Festival and a Literary Competition in September. Visit the Trumbull Arts Festival page for more information.

Town Charter Description

Section 19. Arts Commission

  • Composition and appointment
  1. The Town shall have an Arts Commission, which shall consist of seven members to be appointed by the First Selectman.
  2. Appointment to the Commission shall be for a term of five years.
  • Powers and duties. The Commission shall plan, promote, organize, supervise, sponsor, and carry out cultural enrichment programs and activities for the Town.