Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Commission


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  • Richard H. Girouard, Chairman
  • John Lauria, Vice-Chairman
  • Gregory Csernica 
  • Carmine DeFeo
  • Robert Ferrigno
  • Tony Silber
  • David Verespy

What We Do

As a regulatory agency, the commission evaluates the wetlands in Town and acts on any permit requests affecting designated wetlands. Public hearings are conducted on those proposals deemed to be "significant activities". The commission conducts a field investigation of all properties in question for the purpose of a first-hand observation of the existing wetland or watercourse.

Town Charter Description

Section 7. Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission.

A. Composition and appointment. The Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission shall continue as established subject to and pursuant to the General Statutes and ordinances of the Town and shall be composed of seven regular and three alternate members all of whom shall be appointed by the First Selectman with the approval of the Town Council for a term of three years. No more than two alternate members shall both be members of the same political party. One member shall be appointed from among the members of the Planning and Zoning Commission whose term of office shall be concurrent with his/her term of office on the Planning and Zoning Commission but in no case to exceed three years. The terms of two regular members at large and one alternate member shall expire each year.

B. Powers and duties. Said Commission shall have all the powers and duties conferred or imposed by the General Statutes and by the ordinances of the Town.