School Nurses

School nurses are licensed nurses who work in public and private schools and use evidence-based practice to promote individual and population-based student health, provide care coordination, advocate for quality student-centered care, and advance academic success. School nurses are leaders who bridge health care and education, and collaborate to help create healthy communities. (NASN, 2017). School Nurses use clinical knowledge and judgment to oversee school health services, policies, and programs and promote health education. 


  • Assess the ill and injured on the school campus and administer First Aid as needed
  • Prevent, control and track communicable diseases
  • Enforce State and Board of Education policy for compliance of immunizations and mandated school physicals
  • Provide health screenings based on grade level (vision, hearing and scoliosis)
  • Maintain student health records, prepare reports & surveys as directed by the School Nurse Coordinator and Director
  • Coordinate chronic health condition management and collaborate with school staff
  • Connect school community with health resources
  • Administer medications authorized by physicians and parents
  • Advocate for the health rights of children and their families
  • Develop and maintain Individualized/Emergency Health Care Plans for students with chronic & acute health conditions; participate in 504 plans and PPTs

For more information, visit the School Health Services page on the Trumbull Public Schools website.

  1. Lynn Steinbrick

    Nursing Director

  2. Kim Aquino

    School Nurse Coordinator

  3. Adele Russell

    Administrative Assistant