Polling (Voting) Locations

Voting Districts

Residents can find their polling location using the State of Connecticut's Voter Registration Look-up database.

Alternatively, voters can find their residence on the Voting District Map (PDF) and use the district number to identify their voting location on the polling places listed.

  • District 1
    Daniels Farm Elementary School
    710 Daniels Farm Road
  • District 2
    Booth Hill Elementary School
    545 Booth Hill Road
  • District 3
    Tashua Elementary School
    401 Stonehouse Road
  • District 4
    Madison Middle School
    4630 Madison Avenue
  • District 5
    Frenchtown Elementary School
    30 Frenchtown Road
  • District 6
    Middlebrook Elementary School
    220 Middlebrooks Avenue 
  • District 7
    Christian Heritage School
    575 White Plains Road

Poll Hours

Polls are open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM