What  is the  Creators’  Corner?

  • The Creators’ Corner at the Fairchild-Nichols  Memorial Library is a  place for people to connect and create.  As  an outgrowth of the  Maker Movement and  Maker Faires,  libraries throughout the  country  have  embraced  the  concept of setting aside  areas  where  individuals  can  think  creatively and find  "do-it-yourself" solutions.  

 Why  is the  Library doing this?

  • The  Trumbull  Library  System   has  evolved   into  a  community  gathering  place  for many  different   kinds  of learning experiences,  and  creating a space for  people to gather for "hands  on" learning  is just  another way  to  serve  the town’s residents. This space will  evolve  and expand  based  on the interests of the users.  Currently the Creators’  Corner  houses a MakerBot  Replicator 2 Desktop  3D printer.  Lego Mindstorms  EV3  Robotics, Ozobots, Makey Makey, LittleBits, and Squishy Circuits  kits. The  possibilities for the future  are  endless.

Who  funded  the  space? 

  • The  Creators’  Corner, the Replicator 2 Desktop  3D  Printer and the laptop were privately funded.  The  Fairchild  Association  purchased  the  3D Printer  and  all its supplies  and  the  Trumbull  Technology  Foundation  provided the  laptop with  the  stipulation  that  the machine  be  made  available  to Trumbull students. The  cost  of creating the Creators’  Corner  physical  space  was also  paid for by the  Fairchild  Association.  The Trumbull  Rotary  Club  provided grant  funding for  the  LEGO  Mindstorms  robotics  kit.

What  can we do with a 3D  Printer  and  how  does  it work?

  • 3D  printing  prints physical  objects from  digital files. 3D printing  is achieved  using  an  additive process,  where successive layers  of material are  laid down in different  shapes.

Is the space  open  to  anyone? 

  • Yes.  Residents  and  non-residents  alike  are  welcome to  stop  by and  observe  what  is happening  in the  space whenever volunteers  are  on hand. Ages  10 and  up can  sign  up for a 3D Printer demonstration  or  have  a "hands-on" opportunity to use the machine with  guided instruction from a Creators’  Corner  volunteer.

How  do  I volunteer?

  • Individuals with  a background and/or interest in technology are welcome to complete the application  form.

Is there  any cost  involved? 

  • No

For more information, please call the Fairchild-Nichols Memorial Library at 203-452-5196 or email Paula Carlson.