Writing Help

purdue owl

Offers step by step guides for students to follow on how to cite sources in papers and how to create bibliographies. It offers resources on MLA citation, APA citation, and Chicago formats; always be sure to ask your teachers which format they prefer if they do not tell you.


Opendemia - a website that allows you to plug in information to create citations.  A free account is required for use.

Alternate citation generators include: CitationGenerator, Zotero, and AcademicHelp. Use all citation generators with caution - they may not be 100% accurate and are best used as a guide.

power poetry

Power Poetry - a mobile poetry community for youth. Offers youth resources on how to write, edit, and perform poems and allows students to upload their work to the site.


Fanfiction/Archive of Our Own - fanfiction communities where students can read, write, and share stories from their favorite fandoms.