What is acceptable documentation for Trumbull parking stickers?

Acceptable Documentation for Trumbull Parking Stickers

Current Connecticut driver’s license to Trumbull address and a current vehicle registration displaying the tax town as Trumbull (Number 144). See the list provided if you do not have a driver’s license and registration to a Trumbull address.

In order to obtain a vehicle parking sticker, Connecticut vehicles that do not show a tax town of Trumbull on their current registration will be changed in the Trumbull Parks and Recreation office and submitted to the DMV. If your license and/or your registration does not reflect a Trumbull address, then two documents from the provided list must be provided along with your current, non-expired Connecticut vehicle registration. Additional information may be required. All documentation must be in the same name and address of the applicant and the applicant must be present to sign off on the DMV documentation.

Eligible Items

Minimum of two items:

  • Credit card statement
  • Current residential property tax bill
  • Deed or closing papers
  • Residential lease in applicant’s name
  • Utility bill

Change of Address

If your current license has the change of address sticker on the back and/or your registration has been updated by crossing out the ’old’ address, you will also need to present one of the supporting documents from the list provided.

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