What are the fees for recordings?

As of December 1, 2017, the charges to record a land record document are as follows:

  • The $5 for each additional page and the $2 fee for conveyances over $2,000 remain the same.
  • The Fee for filing a Foreclosed Property Registrations is $60
  • The fee to record a document on the land records is $60 for the first page.
  • Nominee (MERS) fees have not changed and will remain at the flat fee of $159 for Releases and Assignments (when Nominee is the Releasor/Grantor), and $159 plus $5 for each additional page for other Nominee (MERS) recordings.

Any document received for recording on December 1st is charged the new fee even if it was mailed and postmarked earlier. The statutes do not allow for an exception to the recording fee and all documents recorded in the month of December 2017 will be subject to the new fee and the revised allocation of funds.

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