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1. What parks are open and do I need a parking permit (park sticker)?
2. How do I request a 2020 Parking Permit by Email?
3. When do I need my 2020 vehicle parking permit?
4. How much is a parking permit if my vehicle is not registered in Trumbull?
5. What documentation do I need to get a vehicle parking permit?
6. Where can I get my vehcile parking permit?
7. I moved here from another town in Connecticut, how do I get my parking permit?
8. Can I park my commercial vehicle in the Trumbull parks?
9. How do I get a permit to host an event in the Trumbull Parks?
10. What is acceptable documentation for Trumbull parking stickers?
11. I only spend my summer’s in Trumbull, am I still eligible for a Park Sticker?
12. I drive a company car so my car is not registered in Trumbull, but I live in Trumbull, am I still eligible for a Park Sticker?
13. I have family in town this weekend, can they park their vehicle in the parks?
14. I have a non-resident who watches my children. Am I able to get them a parking permit so they can take my children to the parks?
15. I am unable to drive, but I still want to use the parks. Can I get a special pass?