Tax Bill Type Information

Never ignore a tax bill. Taxes will remain due and interest will continue to accumulate until the bill is paid or removed by the Tax Assessor.  Failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt taxes or interest. You are responsible for obtaining your tax bill and paying your taxes on time.

Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle & Sewer Assessments

Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle and Sewer Assessment bills are sent out once in June of each year. Each tax bill totaling $100 or less is due in a single installment on July 1. Real Estate and Sewer Assessment bills greater than $100 are due in quarterly installments on July 1, October 1, January 1, and April 1. Motor Vehicle bills and Personal Property tax bills greater than $100 are due in semi-annual installments on July 1 and January 1.

Sewer Usage Bills

Sewer Usage bills are billed quarterly in February, May, August, and November of each year and are due 30 days from the date billed. These bills are based on actual water consumption reported by Aquarion Water Company. Contact Aquarion Water Company at 203-337-5910 with any questions concerning water consumption. If you have received an adjustment on your water bill from Aquarion Water Company, you must provide a copy of that adjustment to our office for a possible adjustment to your WPCA bill.

Tax Collection

Taxes are due 30 days from the due date. For example, taxes due on July 1 are payable by August 1. You have a one month "grace" period in which to pay without penalty. Past due payments are subject to interest at the rate of 1 ½% per month (maximum 18% per annum) from the due date of the tax. As required by law, payments made on August 2 and later, including payments postmarked August 2 and later are considered past due and will incur 3% interest, representing two months delinquency (July and August). Payments bearing the postmark of August 1 are considered on time. The Town is required by law to accept postmark as the date of payment.

Back Taxes

If your bill states "Back Taxes Due", there are past due taxes in your name or on the parcel of property in question. Contact the Tax Collector's office for an update on the amount owed. Back taxes and interest must be paid in full before payment on current bills can be accepted. By state law, any payment you send in toward current bills will be applied to the back taxes first.

The Tax Collector does not have the authority to waive interest and makes no exceptions as interest is mandated by the State of Connecticut. As owners of property, taxpayers are responsible to see that taxes are paid when due.

Real Estate

If you sold your real estate and receive a tax bill, please contact the Tax Collector's office. If you receive a real estate bill and you escrow for taxes, please forward the bill to your mortgage company. 

Motor Vehicle Tax

The time period covered by Motor Vehicle Tax Bills is October 1 through September 30. Vehicles registered between October 2 and the following July 31 will appear on a Supplemental Motor Vehicle list provided to the Tax Assessor by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Supplemental Motor Vehicle bills are sent out in December and are due in one installment on January 1.

If you no longer own the motor vehicle on which the tax bill is based or you have moved, please contact the Tax Assessor's office at 203-452-5016. Written documentation as to the disposition of the vehicle and license plates is required by the Tax Assessor in order to receive proper credit. Remember that when you receive a motor vehicle tax bill, nine months of the year covered by the bill have already passed.

If you owe delinquent property taxes on any vehicle in your name, you may not renew any registrations at the Department of Motor Vehicles without paying your taxes first. All past due taxes in your name must be paid in full. For an immediate Motor Vehicle release, payments must be made in person at the Trumbull Tax Collector’s Office with cash or certified check only. When using the online payment system, there will be a 1 business day wait for a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) release on all payments made by debit or credit card.  You must call the office on the next business day for this release. There is a 10 business day wait for a DMV release for payments made by e-check. All outstanding vehicle taxes in your name, including taxes not yet delinquent, must be paid in order for a release to be issued. This includes the January installment.