Emergency Management Office

The mission of the Town of Trumbull’s Office of Emergency Management is to provide programs and activities to Trumbull residents and departments to help them prepare for, cope with, and recover from the effects of natural and man-made disasters. The Office of Emergency Management does this through emergency management planning, preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation. 

The Office of Emergency Management operates under the direction of the Trumbull Police Department. The Director of Emergency Management or designee will mobilize and deploy personnel and resources in the event of an emergency. The Town of Trumbull is committed to being prepared for all types of natural and man-made emergencies such as hurricanes, flooding, ice storms and other large scale emergencies.

Emergency Management Team Members 

Trumbull’s Emergency Management Team includes the First Selectman's Office, Police Department, Fire Marshal's Office (Emergency Management Director), Fire Departments , Public Works, Social Services, and staff from other town departments including the Board of Education. The Team conducts and coordinates training exercises, drills and planning that is essential for the Town to be able to respond to emergencies. The Emergency Management Team can be contacted through the Fire Marshal at (203) 452-5080 for routine inquires.

Emergency Operations Center 

Trumbull’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located at Police Headquarters. Members of the Emergency Management Team may open the EOC depending upon the nature and severity of an emergency.  Often representatives from the utilities, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and other non-governmental agencies such as the Red Cross and utility companies may be invited to help coordinate disaster response. Requests for Regional, State and Federal assistance are requested through the operations center.

Trumbull Citizen Alert - Emergency and Community Notification Program

Receive alerts about emergencies and other important community news from the Town of Trumbull by signing up for our Trumbull Citizen Alert system. This emergency and community notification system enables the Town of Trumbull to provide important community notifications and essential information quickly in a variety of situations, such as severe weather, unexpected road closures, evacuation of buildings or neighborhoods, and other emergency situations. 

By signing up for a Trumbull Citizen Alert Account, you will receive time-sensitive messages wherever you specify: home phone, mobile phone, business phone, email address, text message, etc. Individuals often prefer to receive a text message or email instead of a phone call.

The Trumbull Citizen Alert system is populated with publicly available information from the White Pages and Yellow Pages. The contact database is supplemented with other information provided by those with Trumbull Citizen Alert accounts.