Volunteer Tax Program

The town has established a program of tax relief for qualifying seniors and disabled persons who choose to give their time, talent and energy by volunteering to provide services to the town. Qualifying taxpayers, who volunteer to provide one hundred (100) hours of service to the Town of Trumbull, shall be eligible for a tax credit of a fixed amount up to $600 upon his or her real estate taxes.

In order to qualify for the residents:

  • At the close of the preceding calendar year must be sixty-five (65) years of age and over, or whose spouses, living with them, are sixty-five (65) years of age or over, or sixty (60) years of age or over and the surviving spouse of a taxpayer qualified in this municipality under this section at the time of his or her death or with respect to real property on which such residents or their spouses are liable for taxes.
  • At the close of the preceding calendar are eligible in accordance with applicable federal regulations to receive permanent total disability benefits under Social Security.
  • Are qualified for permanent total disability benefits under any federal, state or local government retirement or disability plan, including the road Retirement Act and any government-related teacher's retirement plan.
  • Own or be held in trust for their benefit and occupy as their principal residence, real property in the Town of Trumbull or be liable for the payment of taxes.

Volunteer hours are to be completed in one (1) calendar year. The tax credit earned shall be applied to the tax bill issued for payment in July of the year following the calendar year of service. To apply, please contact the Senior Center at (203) 452-5199.