How do I request a 2020 Parking Permit by Email?

2019 Park Stickers will valid for at least 60 days after the Parks & Rec Office reopens.  Due to the high volume of requests, we strongly encourage those with a 2019 Park Sticker wait until of office reopens to request a the 2020 permit.  

While our office is closed those without a 2019 or 2020 parking permit (park sticker) may request one via email.  Park permits take 3-5 business days to process so please plan accordingly. Questions?  Please read all of the content in the Park Sticker FAQs before emailing us with your inquiry. 

  • Send an email to and include a photo/scan of the following:
    • A current, non-expired, vehicle registration reflecting a tax town of Trumbull (number 144). A valid driver’s license.  
    • The name on the license must match the name on the vehicle registration.
  • Our office will review your documents. We will reply with confirmation that your sticker request is being processed or request additional information if needed.  For your convenience, we will not be charging residents for mailing.
  • If you are a Trumbull resident but your license and/or registration does not reflect a Trumbull address, then you may need to submit additional documentation to obtain the resident park sticker.  Please visit our website for details. 
  •  Due to the high volume of requests, please allow 3-5 business days for us to process and mail your sticker.  Please plan accordingly.

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