Animal Control / Shelter

Open to the public by appointment only. Call 203-452-5088 for an appointment.

Trumbull Animal Group (TAG)

See all the animals at our Animal Shelter, the Trumbull Animal Group (TAG).

Dog License Renewal

June is Dog License Renewal month! Too apply for a dog license or to renew your dog’s license, please review the following:

  • Come to the Town Clerk’s office and complete or bring with you the already completed Dog License Application (PDF).
  • Present the following:
    • Proof of spaying or neutering
    •  A current rabies certificate
  • Pet information needed includes
    • Address
    • Name
    • Owner’s name
    • Phone
    • Type of dog
  • Dog licenses need to be renewed every June
  • Yearly fee is $8 for an altered dog or $19 for an unaltered dog.
  • Late renewal charge is $1 per month.