The Treasurer is elected for a two-year term and exercises the powers and duties conferred by state statutes and the Town Charter. The Treasurer is the town's money manager and has the primary responsibility to plan and control the Town's cash position.


The Treasurer works very closely with the Director of Finance, the town's budget manager, and the First Selectman in all matters involving the Town's finances. The Treasurer assists the First Selectman in developing and implementing the town's Annual Budget, financial policies, procedures, and strategic planning.


As revenues generally exceed expenditures on a weekly basis, the Treasurer invests the town's excess cash in various types of interest-bearing accounts with financial institutions doing business in the State of Connecticut or the State of Connecticut Short-Term Investment Fund maintained by the Connecticut State Treasurer in strict compliance with the requirements of state law. Day-to-day investment of excess cash is designed to maximize the amount of interest earned by the town each fiscal year.

The interest earned is a source of revenue for the town. It has a direct impact, therefore, on the mill rate set each year by the Board of Finance and the amount paid annually by our taxpayers.