The purpose of the Trumbull Youth Association (TYA) is to assist in the social and cultural development of the youth of Trumbull by providing meaningful recreational and educational programs to foster a spirit of civic responsibility. TYA is a non-profit organization designed, maintained, managed and completely financed by youth.

Musical Program

The summer musical program was created in 1969 to serve three purposes: to provide a meaningful summer activity for youth; to earn funds to support the TYA program; and to provide a first hand opportunity to learn about theater and the business aspects of producing a major Broadway play.


The TYA program is open to all Trumbull youth and those attending Trumbull Schools entering grade 9 through age 20 and has proven to be an example of the strength and ability of our youth to act in mature, responsible, and constructive way. TYA has other activities throughout the year. There is also a Junior TYA Program for students in grades 4 through 8.

Additional Information

Visit the Recreation Department for more information or call 203-452-5060.

For further information on Arts programs, visit the Arts Department page or call 203-452-5065.