Town Council

District 1

  • Dawn Cantafio, Vice-Chairman
  • Mary Isaac
  • Bill Mecca
  • Donna Seidell
  • Michael Miller

District 2

  • Mary Beth Thornton, Chairman
  • Kevin Shively
  • Thomas Whitmoyer, Deputy Majority Leader
  • Tony Scinto

District 3

  • Jason Marsh, Majority Leader
  • Carl Massaro, Jr., Minority Leader
  • Joanne Orenstein
  • Eric Paulson
  • Lori Rosasco-Schwartz, Deputy Minority Leader

District 4

  • Joy Colon
  • Bruce Elstein
  • Ashley Gaudiano
  • Joseph Gerics
  • Stephen Lemoine
  • Lisa Valenti

What We Do

With reference to proposed legislation, the Council shall have the power to investigate any and all departments, offices and agencies of the Town, and for such purposes the Chairman of the Council shall have the power to issue a subpoena after the authorization by a majority vote of the Council, and when necessary, to secure a capias for the appearance of witnesses and the production of books and papers.